Water, water everywhere and drinking every drop

It’s so exhausting to be here. We’re working 12 hour days out in the field and having long group meetings at night.

But apparently my eight-year-old brother looks forward to the sophistication that is my blog, so I decdied to wake up early and write a little to make up for the last two nights.

I have been in El Modelo every day to write a story about the struggle to get water — and especially clean water.

This is Merilena in her bathtub:

It's a long walk to the creek, but many families need the water to bathe or do laundry.


Everywhere I look, I see ironies. Four water towers surround the village, but the people have to beg the neighboring villages for water. A developer is trying to sell land in a neighborhood called “Vista Hermosa,” which means “beautiful view.” Many of the mothers wear shirts donning American flags and slogans of freedom.

Today, though, I am headed to a different village in Gualan. Erik heard that the people there are forced to drink out of puddles!

I’m a little worried about walking into a whole new village at this point in my story because it feels like more than one story.

And just a random sidenote before I go eat breakfast: The lizards here are friendly.

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