The water (and story) cycle

I’m so glad we decided not to take the extra trip to Honduras and to work on our story instead.

We realized that the children with big bellies have parasites in their stomachs that are eating all their food. And where do the parasites come from? The water!

This makes our story fit in with the class theme of hunger and malnutrition even tighter.

Issac, Jeremiah and I got so much good stuff this morning. We watched a water truck come in and deliver fresh water door to door. Then, we went into a village where lots of the kids had parasites. One of the boys was 2 years old and still couldn’t walk because his legs were too weak!

Today, the community leader, Efraim, happened to be giving out a pill for the first time that is supposed to get rid of them.

The parasites come from the creek water. The water truck can’t get to their village sometimes because it’s rained too much and the roads are muddy. That’s when they drink water from holes they’ve dug in the ground near the creek. Often, the water comes from runoff on cliffs that have cow manure.

They drink this water sometimes too.

A woman washes her laundry on a wooden block by the creek.

They also use the water to take baths and wash clothes. Right now, though, it’s been staying dry enough that the truck can get through to bring them water.

We’re going to leave in an hour to talk to a nutritionist about parasites.

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