I wrote it. Now who will read it?

I’m in the process of writing a query letter to editors right now in the hopes that one will publish my article. (If anyone knows of a magazine or newspaper that would publish this sort of article, please let me know!)

While trying to pitch my story, I found myself writing that the topic of water is not covered very often in Central America. Then I wondered if that was even true. I started to search archives for other stories similar to mine in the last two years.

Two out of three solid articles that I discovered were from other countries–one from Guatemala and one from Iran. The other had been published in a water trade journal (pdf) and posted on an NGO’s Web site. The article in The Guatemala Times summed up a great deal of what I’ve been trying to say in a features way in its opening sentence:

“Guatemala is a country with a great wealth in water; however, only 10% of it is used because it can not be transported to where it is needed.”

I’m hoping that my article will be able to reach a wider American audience, but I wonder how much a young journalist can do to get the word out about what’s happening in Guatemala.

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